The Human Brain

A. Video Lecture on The Organization of the Nervous System and Brain  

B. Unit Primers Ted Talks

#1  A look Inside the Brain in Real Time, Christopher deCharms 3:56 

#2 A Light Switch for Neurons, Ed Boyden 18:39

#3 Stroke of Insight, Jill Bolte-Taylor 20:11

#4 What Hallucination Reveals About Our Minds, Oliver Sacks 18:45

#5 How We Read Each Other’s Minds, Rebecca Saxe 16:51

#6 I Am My Connectome, Sebastian Seung 22:34

#7 3 Clues to Understanding Your Brain, VS Ramachandran 25:32

#8 The Neurons That Shaped Civilization, VS Ramachanderann 10:15

More Ted Talks on Mapping and Manipulating the Brain.  Click Here

#2 The Teenage Brain

#3 How Music Can Improve Memory

C.  HHMI Memories are Made of This Video Lecture Click Here

D.  Scientific Frontiers: Don’t Forget Video. Click Here

E. 6 Surprising Scientific Findings About Good and Evil



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