AP Exam Review

AP Biology Exam Users Guide Mr. Anderson

The Complete AP Biology Review Guide for 2017

#1 The New AP Biology Exam Explained 13:08 Mr. Anderson

#2 AP Biology Exam Reflections 4:40 Mr. Anderson

Tips for Answering Free Response Questions                                               Free Response Q. 2013 Scoring      Free Response Q. 2012 Scoring           Free Response Q 2011 Scoring      Free Response Q. 2009 Scoring           Free Response Q 2014 Scoring    Free Response Q 2015 Scoring                                      Free Response Q 2016 Scoring  2016 FR Answers


     How to Answer “Grid In” Questions

#3 Making your own flash cards is a good idea.  Electronic Flash Card Sites Listed Below

AP Biology Review Flash Cards Quizlet

#4 Chemistry

A.  Chemistry of Water Review     B. Acids and Bases     C. Molecules of Life    D. Enzymes    E.  BioCoach Click and Learn     F. Water Potential

#5 Cell Structure and Function

A. Tour of a Cell Prezi     B. Cell Membrane     C. Cell Size     D. BioCoach Click and Learn  E.  Endomembrane System   F. Osmosis    G. Osmoregulation   H. Human Kidney Nephron                                            H. Cell Signaling      I. Cell Signaling Tutorials   J. Human Endocrine System

#6 Cellular Energy

A. Metabolism   B. ATP    C. Gibb’s Free Energy   D. Energy Transformation    E. Enzymes   F. Respiration Part I   G. Respiration Part II    H.  Anaerobic Fermentation                            I. Photosynthesis     J. Photosynthesis Calvin Cycle  K. Plant Life Cycle Interactive

#7 Cell Division

A. Chromosomes   B. Mitosis   C. Cell Cycle Control (this one is important)   D. Meiosis        E. Cellular Communication   F. 3 Stages of Cell Signaling

#8  Genetics

A. Heredity and Genetics intro.   B. Non-Mendelian Genetics  C. Chi Square Test                D. Epigenetics   E. Chromosomes & Inheritance    F. Sex-Linked Inheritance                            G.  Chromosome Mapping    H. DNA and RNA Pt I    I. DNA and RNA Pt II                             J. DNA Replication    K. Transcription and Translation   L. Mutations                                      M. Central Dogma of Biology  N. Gene Regulation  O. Gene Regulation II   P. Lac Operon

#9 Evolution

A. Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace   B. Intro. to Evolution     C. Natural Selection           D. Evidence for Evolution    E. Evolution of Populations   F. Hardy-Weinberg Equation

#10 Animals

#11 Human Systems

A. Control Systems  B. Homeostasis  C. Positive & Negative Feedback Loops                         D. Nervous System    E. Endocrine System

#12 Plants

#13 Ecology

Math Practice  Q10   Rules of Multiplication and Addition    Hardy-Weingberg   Chi-Square Test


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