Molecular Genetics

DNA Timeline click here,  The Science of DNA

Learn Genetics Best Tutorial I’ve Found Click Here

#1 DNA and RNA Part I 12:29 Mr. Anderson

#2 DNA Replication 10:10 Mr. Anderson

#3 DNA Replication Lecture  Click Here

#4 DNA Interactive (14 DNA Videos) Click Here

#5 DNA to RNA to Protein 19:46 Mr. Croteau

#6 Transcription 2:50 Virtual Cell

#7 Translation 3:32 Virtual Cell

#8 Transcription and Translation 11:57 Mr. Anderson

#9 mRNA Processing 2:31 Virtual Cell

#10 mRNA Splicing 2:53 Virtual Cell

#11  DNA and RNA Part II 10:00 Mr. Anderson

PHET Simulation of GENE EXPRESSION Click Here

#12 Central Dogma of Biology 9:19 Mr. Anderson

#13 MUTATIONS 7:03 Mr. Anderson

#14 Gene Regulation 10:06 Mr. Anderson

#15 Lac Operon 10:01 Mr. Anderson

Lac Operon Interactive Click Here

#16 Epigenetics 9:21 Mr. Anderson

#17 DNA Acetylation and Methylation (Epigenics) 2:17 RateMyScience

Practice Problem Answers Chapters_16-20


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