Introduction to the Themes of Biology

AP Biology is organized into four major “big ideas.” Concepts relating to the “big ideas” are then organized into “enduring understandings.”  Within each “enduring understanding” are statements of “essential knowledge.”  At the lowest level, each “big idea” features learning objectives that offer very explicit statements as to what students should be able to do after studying each “big idea.”

AP Framework Analysis Icon 2

There are areas of overlap between each of the four Big Ideas. Concepts relating to each Idea should be discussed in a manner that illustrates this interconnectedness.

Click Here to download a printable copy of the 4 Big Ideas, Enduring Understandings and Essential Knowledge

#1  AP Biology   7:33  Mr. Croteau

#2 Video Lesson The Scientific Method 12:02 Mr. Croteau

#3 The Nature of Science: Via Human Evolution 29:01 HHMI Biointeractive

#4 Assignment: Investigating a Theory: The Origin of Species  HHMI Bioniteractive

#5 Click and Learn: Skeletons Reveal Human and Chimpanzee Evolution

#6 Video Lesson Theory vs. Scientific Theory

#7 Video Lesson Unity and Diversity of Life

#8 Video Lesson  OK, so you may not remember the basics of the scientific method.  This video is for you. Scientific Method Basics.


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