Science Practice #7

Science Practice 7: The student is able to connect and relate knowledge across various scales, concepts and representations in and across domains.

The student is able to describe through narrative and/or annotated visual representation how biological processes are connected across various scales such as time, size and complexity. For example, DNA sequences, metabolic processes and morphological structures that arise through evolution connect the organisms that compose the tree of life, and

the student should be able to use various types of phylogenetic trees/ cladograms to show connections and ancestry, and to describe how natural selection explains biodiversity. Examples of other connections
are photosynthesis at the cellular level and environmental carbon cycling; biomass generation and climate change; molecular and macroevolution; the relation of genotype to phenotype and natural selection; cell signaling pathways and embryonic development; bioenergetics and microbial ecology; and competition and cooperation from molecules to populations. The student is able to describe how enduring understandings are connected to other enduring understandings, to a big idea, and how the big ideas in biology connect to one another and to other disciplines. The student draws on information from other sciences to explain biological processes; examples include how the conservation of energy affects biological systems; why lipids are nonpolar and insoluble in water; why water exhibits cohesion and adhesion, and why molecules spontaneously move from high concentration to areas of lower concentration, but not vice versa.

  1. 7.1  The student can connect phenomena and models across spatial and temporal scales.

  2. 7.2  The student can connect concepts in and across domain(s) to generalize or extrapolate in and/or across enduring understandings and/or big ideas. 


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