#1 Evolution by Natural Selection Video Lecture Mr. Croteau 9:46

#2 What IS Evolution Video Lecture 11:45 Mr. Croteau

#3 Cosmic Origin Part I   Cosmic Origin Part II

#4  Evidence for Evolution Video Lecture Mr. Croteau 10:54

#5 Isn’t Evolution Just a Theory? Video 6:06

#6  Who Was Charles Darwin? Video 6:38

#7 How Do We Know Evolution Happens Video 7:04

#8 How Does Evolution Really Work? Video 6:41

#9 Did Humans Evolve? Video 5:43

#10 Why Does Evolution Matter Now? Video 6:19

#11 Why is Evolution Controversial Anyway? Video 6:34

#12 Natural Selection In Pocket Mouse Population HHMI Video 10:25

#13 Co-evolution of Genes and Culture Video HHMI 14:52

#13a. Co-evolution of Genes and Culture Quiz pdf HHMI

#14 On-Line Lab Population Genetics and Evolution Pearson

#15 Paleoclimate: A History of Climate Change 

#16 Cosmic Evolution Episode One  7:13 Cosmic Evolution Episode Two 7:56

#17 The Day the Mesozoic Died HHMI  33:43

#17a The Day the Mesozoic Died Quiz HHMI


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