#1 Evolution 101   Investigate this web site for complete coverage of evolution topics.

#2 Natural Selection Interactive PLAY! PhET

#3 Charles Darwin and Wallace  30:51 HHMI

#4 What IS Evolution video lecture 1 11:44 Mr. Croteau

#5 Evolution by Natural Selection 9:46 Mr. Croteau

#6. Evidence for Evolution 10:54 Mr. Croteau

#7 Scientific Evidence of Evolution 9:23 Mr. Anderson

#6a Paleomagentism 1:48

#8 How Do We Know Evolution Happens Video Clip

#9 Natural Selection 3 Video Clips

#10 Whales in the Making 7:03

#11 Cladograms 7:17 Mr. Anderson

#12 Creating Phylogenetic Trees Interactive

#13 Evolution of Populations Part I 9:09 Mr. Croteau

#14 Beak of The Finch Video 15:54  HHMI

#15 The Hardy-Weinberg Equation 11:43 Mr. Anderson

#16  Natural Selection and Adaptation/Pocket Mice

#17 Birth and Death of Genes/Ice Fish

#18 Natural Selection in Humans/Sickle Cell

#19 The Origins of the Brain cdk007 9:28

#20 Your Inner Fish 3 part Series PBS (A MUST WATCH!)

Answer Key Chptr 21-26

Answer Keys

Natural Selection Quiz Click Making of Fittest Teacher Materials

Rock Pocket Mouse  Color Variation Mouse_ColorVariation_Teacher

Rock Pocket Mouse Hardy-Weinberg Mouse_HardyWeinberg_Teacher


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