Cell Structure and Function “I CAN”

Cell Structure and Function

“I Can..”

At the end of this unit on Cellular Respiration I can use the following terms in a sentence to demonstrate my understanding of cellular Respiration.

Cell Centriole Aquaporin
Cell Theory Ribosome Osmosis
Cell Membrane Endoplasmic Reticulum Isotonic
Nucleus Golgi Apparatus Hypertonic
Prokaryote Chloroplast Hypotonic
Eukaryote Mitochondria Osmotic Pressure
Cytoplasm Cell Wall Homeostasis
Organelle Lipid Bilayer Tissue
Vacuole Selectively Permeable Organelle
Lysosome Diffusion Organ System
Cytoskeleton Facilitated Diffusion Receptor

At the end of this unit I will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • State the Cell Theory
  • Identify the basic parts of a light microscope and use it to focus an image of a cell
  • Discuss the difference between a prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell and their evolutionary relevance
  • Identify the function and basic structure of; the nucleus, nucleolus, vacuoles, lysosomes, cytoskeleton, E.R., Golgi apparatus, ribosomes, transport vesicles, mitochondria, chloroplast, centrioles, cytoskeleton, cilia, flagella, cell wall, cell membrane
  • Discuss the function of the Endomembrane System
  • Discuss both active and passive transport in cells.

Discuss how cells and tissues help an organism maintain hom


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